Market research and research into consumers give companies a distinct advantage.

We help to achieve this advantage by offering all possible means for collecting and processing information—from qualitative research (desk research, expert interviews, focus groups) to mass surveys.

Our main areas of research are:


The question our clients ask most often is how they can sell a product or service better. This question cannot be answered without consumer research.

The FMCG market has long been marked by fierce competition, and this makes consumer opinions and preferences the most significant factor, directly affecting the profitability of any campaign. We offer our own research methods to help you answer the questions “to whom, when, and how” it is best to sell at each stage of the life cycle of a product or service.

> B2B Market Research

Companies operating in B2B markets tend to be secretive, high-tech-oriented and specialized, so it’s difficult to gain access to information about this or that segment of the market. But even here we offer a solution. If you want to understand how purchasing decisions are made, how partners are selected and how banks decide what is an attractive investment, our staff will gladly help you with this by offering the most optimal ways to collect and analyze information.

> Media Research

How do you know if money spent on an advertising campaign was spent wisely? What did consumers remember from our communications messages amid the high information noise? How effective are the various communication tools that can be used? All these questions are relevant to your company’s marketing department.

By studying consumer opinions before and after the campaign, you can get answers to all the questions listed above and make future campaigns more cost effective.