Media Services

We give our clients a broad choice of media, individual planning of advertising campaigns and, as a result, more effective advertising.

Idea Group offers a full range of media planning and buying services. These include:

> Help with Budgeting

People often ask, “How can we avoid investing too much in advertising?”
How much should such a company invest in advertising?
What should our budget be to have outdoor advertising of about 50 stores in 30 cities? Or to place ads on five radio stations without annoying people and producing the opposite effect?
How much do we need to spend to ensure that our Internet marketing is a little more than that of our competitors? Can I make our ads more conspicuous than those of our competitors while investing less?
We can find answers to these questions.

> Complex Campaigns

The term “advertising campaign” means placing a story in 3 publications in Moscow.
We know how to run a campaign with 15 stories in 80 regions and 240 publications.
As they say, feel the difference.
Do you have 100 stories placed in 600 regions? Let’s talk!

> Tactical Media Planning

We can do what everyone else does with ratings, plus a little more.
We have unique and interesting techniques to make campaigns more effective.
We are willing to bet that in terms of scope and frequency within a budget, we can improve any media plan.

> Improving Procurement Terms

It makes sense to advertise with us.
We do business with all the leading media holding companies in Russia.
We are involved with purchasing alliances to get the best discounts in Russia.
Our terms are very competitive.
For long-term clients, the terms and conditions are even more interesting.

> Terms for Agencies

Because we buy so much time from all types of media outlets, we can serve as distributors.
For this reason, we can offer favorable terms to professionals.
You sell, and we plan and buy much cheaper than conventional agencies.

> Urgent and Unusual Objectives

We can start on the Internet today, the radio tomorrow, and in other media about as quickly.
We have extensive experience in dealing with unusual objectives and running special projects.
Do you have an urgent or unusual project? Let’s talk!