How do you build an effective communications management system? Should you enter a new market? What products and services will bring more profit, and which ones should you develop in the future? What are the market risks? How do you assess your market position?

Our consulting division gets asked these and many other questions constantly. Every day, we help our clients enter new markets, profitably invest and effectively manage communications.

We are developing our consulting services in the following areas:

> Developing a Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is a complex task that includes everything from a large research study to a deep study of all of your company’s lines of business in need of a marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy includes financial, research and analytical aspects. It often includes the company’s financial model, a description of various risks, how much they affect the company’s growth, and a day-to-day communications plan. We have the necessary experience and knowledge to perform the complex, multi-stage work involved in creating an effective marketing strategy.

> Developing a Communications Policy

Every year, clients ask themselves, “How can we make our ad campaign more effective and vivid? How can we get the best results from our upcoming advertising campaign for our communications and our bottom line?”

You can answer these questions when you build a communications policy which takes into account not only consumer preferences for certain channels of communication, but also the level of information noise in these channels.

As you devise a communications policy, we can help you most effectively reach various segments of your target audience.

> Building a Brand

This is perhaps the most difficult stage in the quest for market leadership. You want to build more than a brand; you want to build a brand that customers admire and remember. Besides an outstanding designer, it makes sense to hire professional branding consultants.

We offer a full range of branding services, from developing the architecture of a new brand to auditing an existing brand.

What is more, we can help you navigate through the chaos of multiple brands by developing and implement a single set of principles for your brand platform. This approach is particularly important for holding companies with assets in different industries that require effective management.